Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mazda Furai

The Mazda Furai was first introduced in the 2008 North American International Auto Show. It was shown again in the 2008 Canadian International Auto Show held in February. The Furai was inspired by the Mazda Le Mans racer. It also bears the number 55. 55 was the number of the Mazda vehicle that won it's one and only Le Mans race. The Furai features new futuristic designs. It has flowing lines inspired by the movement of gas. It is also sculpted aerodynamically to improve it's performance. Downforce is aided by a huge spoiler at the back. Also featured was a radical rear diffuser. The air passing through the diffuser creates a suction, pulling the car to the ground. The Furai uses the Mazda 20B Wankel(Rotary) engine with 3 rotors. This engine has a displacement of 2Litres. However, unlike Piston engines, the horsepower produced almost doubles. This car is rated at 405hp. This is a tremendous amount of horsepower for a 2Litre engine. If the Furai ever enters production, it will definately represent Mazda in the stage for Supercars.

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