Friday, February 15, 2008

Giugiaro Ford Mustang

The Giugiaro Ford Mustang is based on the stock Mustang. However, it has been redesigned by Fabrizio Giugiaro, a descendant of the renowned Giugiaro design family. This car has been thoroughly redesigned with mixed in European elements to make the Mustang into a more intimidating sports car. The front and the back have been widened, meanwhile, the windscreen has been tapered to give a sleeker look. A new cool addition are scissor doors. The interior has also been redesigned including new, more modern looks. More leather and aluminium elements have been added. A new trim includes furry horesehide. With this new trim, the car is now more "Mustang-like". This new Mustang uses the same 4.6Litre V8 engine, but very different. It has been given twin superchargers, tuned by Italdesign and given fuel injectors from the Ford GT. Also, it is given a larger air meter. Race pipes and exhausts are used. With all these extras, this car is rated at 500hp. The car becomes perfect with the Ford Race Handling Pack. This package features special Dynamic-tuned dampers, lower springs, and thicker anti-sway bars. Ride height is lowered by 38mm. The Ford Mustang was already perfect. This one is even better.

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