Friday, January 25, 2008

Opel Flextreme Concept

Opel released the Flextreme Concept in 2007. This car is designed either to be a 3 or 5-door hatchback. It will feature the sportiness of Opel along with new, futuristic elements. The exterior features elegant flowing curves. The highlight of the exterior are the C-shaped headlights. Also, the large sporty wheels are emphasized on the exterior. Making the car more elegant, the B-Pillar is omitted where the A-Pillar is long and slanted. The interior mostly features aluminium and flowing designs. The interior is highlighted by chrome elements and illuminating blue ambient lighting. This car will soon be confirmed for production. We all await for the Opel Flextreme!!!

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William Lee said...

A pretty nice design. Opel designs some really modern cars, with evidence to prove so such as the Astra and the new Insignia (new Vectra).

By the way, are you planning to make any new posts? I still come and go, you know. ;)

William Lee